Slowpoke Tattoo - a renovated Airstream Trailer in Far West Texas serving up hand poked tattoos.

A permanent reminder of a temporary feeling.

far out west.

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Where are you located?

You can find our trailer at 200 S Russell Street in Marfa, TX. Enter through the Al Campo Wine Garden.

what is your pricing?

Mini Flash (quarter size or smaller) • ranges from $50 - $100

Artist Flash • ranges from $100 -$300

Text • ranges from $100 - $300

Custom Tattoo • ranges from $100 - $300

what are your hours?

We are open by appointment daily from 12 - 8 pm

what is flash?

Flash are pre-drawn tattoos that are available to to picked from and are not customizable. Text appointments are for custom words and phrases. Font options are shown below.

Can i get a custom tattoo?

Our shop is flash based, however some of our artists can accommodate custom work. Designing your dream tattoo takes time, so please submit your requests at least 14 days in advance. Not all custom requests are accepted, see artist profiles for more info on how to book.